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  • JoAnneh
    commented 2016-01-05 08:01:47 -0800
    I am a very devoted follower of Swami Yogananda’s teaching and i try to incorporate some of his teaching in my own life also.I am really looking forward to this movie and keep it in my personal collection for reference.

    I also teach yoga and use some of the basic yoga techniques from Swami Yogananda.

    Please check out my yoga Videos.
  • Lindsey Garrett
    commented 2015-12-18 06:53:04 -0800
    Any word on wether the soundtrack will be made available I’d love a copy of ending credit song by Alanis M.
  • Amita Dixit
    commented 2015-12-09 22:14:23 -0800
    Kindly let me know when it comes to India. Even DVD is not available for India. Which is the birth place of yogananda. …. Really disappointed and waiting for the movie…….
  • Linda Balaban
    commented 2015-12-09 12:33:18 -0800
    Thank you Suzy for your question. After April 2016, AWAKE should be available digitally in Austria!
  • Moss Maurice Taillefer
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-12-04 12:50:12 -0800
    Discover #AWAKE! "Best #yoga film of 2014"—Huffington Post.
  • Pablo Nogueira Gonçalves Diogo
    commented 2015-12-04 05:09:22 -0800
    So moving! And to hear the voice of yogananda, how impressive. And the scenes depitcting his life…Almost cried at a certain point. Thank you!
  • Gretta Hernández
    commented 2015-11-26 17:56:24 -0800
    Tuve la gran fortuna de ver la película en la Ciudad de México, aún estoy vibrando. La presencia de gurú inunda mi corazón. El valor histórico de las fotografías y videos como documentos sociales que muestran lo que fue el día a día de los benditos paramgurus es invaluable. Muchas gracias por éste filme, muchas, muchas gracias.
  • Suzy Stoeckl
    commented 2015-11-26 06:18:29 -0800
    when does the film come to austria?
  • Alejandro Gmz
    commented 2015-11-23 19:54:27 -0800
    An incredible film showing an incredible man. Paramahansa Yogananda is not only a Saint, but also a modern Leader who touched and still touching thousands of souls. For me, the picture is an invaluable document.
  • Roberto Sacardo
    commented 2015-11-16 17:56:43 -0800
    Gostei muito do filme, não conhecia nada sobre o Yoga, achei muito interessante. Bela produção.
  • Khu-Shua Satemu
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-08 22:39:19 -0800
    Discover #AWAKE! "Best #yoga film of 2014"—Huffington Post.
  • Chandra Reis
    commented 2015-11-03 10:13:20 -0800
    Sorry, I meeant will be screening!
  • Chandra Reis
    commented 2015-11-03 10:11:06 -0800
    A friend told me that AWAKE will be showing on two cities at Brazil! On 19th November 2015 !!!!!!!!!
  • Leah Brooks
    commented 2015-11-03 09:40:57 -0800
    Awake is now on Netflix.
  • Arni Sigurdsson
  • Il Ramingo
    commented 2015-11-02 12:26:25 -0800
    In ITALY WHEN????
  • Rahul Tidke
    commented 2015-10-22 09:49:16 -0700
    Saroj – Yes, dvd is for personal use, I received it timely, many thanks to this movie makers!! Jai Gurudev!
  • Saroj Goyal
    commented 2015-10-22 09:32:28 -0700
    Will DVD be available for purchase for personal use?
  • Tanya Collins
    commented 2015-10-18 23:37:57 -0700
    are there any screenings available in England? is the dvd the same as is beening show in theatre’s everywhere?
    thank you all for bringing our Guru closer than ever tous all
  • Il Ramingo
    commented 2015-10-15 09:07:03 -0700
    When it will be available in Italy?
  • Arni Sigurdsson
    commented 2015-10-07 00:36:48 -0700
    Prabodh Darvekar
    Also update chrome browser and other browser you have,
    web browsers are moving away from flash player to html5 player.
  • Arni Sigurdsson
    commented 2015-10-07 00:31:56 -0700
    Prabodh Darvekar.
    Try other web browsers, Firefox browser, and update maybe flash player…
  • Prabodh Darvekar
    commented 2015-10-07 00:12:21 -0700
    There seems to be an issue with the settings on my Chrome browser. I am unable to see any picture on the screen when I click on “Watch the Trailer”. I only hear the sound. Any suggestions?
  • Prabodh Darvekar
    commented 2015-10-07 00:05:26 -0700
    @arni Sigurdsson : Thanks for the info. We dont have access to Amazon USA but Amazon India and its not released here on Amazon in India. It is only to be imported and very expensive :(. I guess Swamiji’s motherland has to wait for the return of the Yogi…
  • Arni Sigurdsson
    commented 2015-10-06 21:53:45 -0700
    Hi Prabodh Darvekar
    I bought it on Amazon, I have been waiting for ever to see this film, it seems that it is mostly shown in theaters in US for some reason I dont know.
    You should be able to order it to on Amazon too, just go for it, I get mine copy in week or so.
    Best of luck !
  • Prabodh Darvekar
    commented 2015-10-06 21:31:01 -0700
    It is indeed a pity and gross injustice that this movie is neither available to view nor getting screened in the country of origin of Swami Yogananda. I am further disappointed that the DVD will also be not available in India. His persona is not a property of the West. He belongs to the entire universe and disallowing others from the joy of watching this movie is against the principle that Swamiji himself was. Shame on the West for discrimination.
  • Tania Slawecki
    commented 2015-10-03 08:53:19 -0700
    Truly a miracle: I’ve waited so patiently for the DVD’s release and pre-ordered it as soon as the Sept 21 release date was announced, hoping it would get to me for my 50th birthday on Sept 30th…. and then, they postponed the release to Oct 5th! But lo, I got a notice on Sept 28th that it had been shipped! Of course I had chosen “media mail” = slowest route possible! To my utter amazement, it was already AT my post office and I received it on Sept 29th – JUST in time for my birthday! A blessing and gift for which I am deeply grateful! I learned more about Yogananda’s life and work than what he revealed in his Autobiography. The movie was a beautiful tribute to his life, efforts, his great love for us all, and his on-going work. How did I get my DVD copy when I did? Perhaps he’s still pulling strings for us! My thanks to all who made this documentary film to bring Yogananda’s exemplary life and teachings into wider circulation in our present age.
  • Rahul Tidke
    commented 2015-09-15 23:59:14 -0700
    Thanks BT!!
    I have just pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon..will get it by next month.
  • B T
  • Rahul Tidke
    commented 2015-09-10 21:36:56 -0700
    Really disappointed to know that DVD for this movie will not be available for India and some other countries, I was eagerly waiting for its Sept launch. Hope you will make this available for India very soon…request you to please make it available through YSS India web store or any other online web store..!
    Thank you!
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