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  • commented on Home 2015-10-03 08:53:19 -0700
    Truly a miracle: I’ve waited so patiently for the DVD’s release and pre-ordered it as soon as the Sept 21 release date was announced, hoping it would get to me for my 50th birthday on Sept 30th…. and then, they postponed the release to Oct 5th! But lo, I got a notice on Sept 28th that it had been shipped! Of course I had chosen “media mail” = slowest route possible! To my utter amazement, it was already AT my post office and I received it on Sept 29th – JUST in time for my birthday! A blessing and gift for which I am deeply grateful! I learned more about Yogananda’s life and work than what he revealed in his Autobiography. The movie was a beautiful tribute to his life, efforts, his great love for us all, and his on-going work. How did I get my DVD copy when I did? Perhaps he’s still pulling strings for us! My thanks to all who made this documentary film to bring Yogananda’s exemplary life and teachings into wider circulation in our present age.

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