E-mail Blast Example from Dave in Baltimore

Dave has had success in tipping two different Gathr screenings in Baltimore-- so we wanted to share one of the many ways he spreads the word out: through his e-mail blast.

Dear Friend,

I'm writing to kindly request your support in promoting AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, an independent film about the inspiring life of Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda is the Hindu mystic who brought yoga and meditation to the west in 1920, and authored the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi. This film is an important link to the yoga lineage in the U.S. and and offers students and seekers alike the opportunity to be inspired and gain deeper access to this ancient wisdom for our modern world!  

           We would be delighted if you would share the information on this special showing on your events’ calendar, your social media sites such as Facebook, and otherwise publicize this showing so that your yoga community has the opportunity to attend and experience this wonderful film! 
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Lessons learned from Sarasota

1) Meet or call Theater Mgr to get help, suggestions, etc.

2) Do NOT rely on Theater to handle the master list or tickets.

3) Get a master list of all ticket purchases printed. Take many copies to theater with you.

4) Enlist help - we had 2 theaters and four people working the line which stretched out the door. Theater staff DID NOT do ticket taking

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Tips on Promoting – from Tucson!

Our theatrical non-Gathr run in Tucson had a grassroots team of people supporting.

The AWAKE outreach plan for this area may give you some ideas, so we wanted to share with you.
They utilized Google Docs where they shared a document and connected with over 155 locations...

45 ~ Coffee & Tea Shops, Restaurants, Markets

43 ~ Yoga Studios & Fitness Centers

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Tips on Promoting from Kate Walsh

This is incredible! Tips from the amazing Kate Walsh who is stepping in to help promote multiple AWAKE screenings, and hats off to David Hickerson who is diligently working to promote and be a great Captain!

I have contacted two yoga teachers that I know who do some yoga teacher training in that part of Illinois. They are spreading the word and have invited people from the FB event page I created. I emailed a private client in Edwardsville asking her to spread the word.

I called two other yoga teachers who teach in Illinois asking them to check the FB event page and explained how the tickets sales work.

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