For Many Years...I Had Asked Myself Many Questions Related To Spirituality

For many years, before reading the Autobiography, I had asked myself many questions related to spirituality without finding the answers. 

I also questioned many priests most of whom had eagerly attempted to answer my questions. Their answers led to more pressing questions. I have a scientific mind and expected clear and rational answers. My numerous Q&A sessions with priests invariably ended with statements such as “You are asking too much” or “You have to believe.” I did not mind believing, but believing in what. I was back to square one, pining with my unanswered questions and eventually giving up hope that some day, someone would be able to provide coherent and convincing answers. That was until I read the Autobiography of a Yogi

The book answered clearly and systematically most of the questions I had and gave me clear directions to deal with the unanswered ones. It also answered many fundamental questions that I had never asked myself. The Autobiography, and all SRF literature alike, is imbued with coherence. Most important of all to the scientific mind, the reader in not enjoined to believe blindly what s/he reads but is encouraged to test through various exercises and techniques the veracity of what is expounded. Reading the Autobiography brought great relief in my life and a newly found sense of purpose. My life clearly has a ‘before Autobiography of a Yogi’ period and one ‘after.’ – Guy-Marie. M.

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