In 1972...

In 1972 I was a college student visiting an Indian friend in Ahmadabad. 

This friend took my husband, then traveling companion, and I to Gandhi’s ashram at dusk on a rainy night in the beginning of the monsoon season. We were struck then by how yoga philosophy was so deeply embedded in the colors, scents and sounds of India. At our next stop in New Delhi I purchased a copy of Autobiography of a Yoga and read it on the trains and buses we rode from Delhi to Kashmir to the Mandi Kuli valley in the foothills of the Himalayas. This book became my dearest friend, helping me put India’s way of life into a framework I could acknowledge and accept gratefully. I needed Yogananda’s insights of this very foriegn land to help me understand and reconcile my European Christian traditions. On our return I met and was initiated by another Himalayan yoga master. This accomplished One told me to teach and continue in the tradition. I’ve been teaching and studying yoga ever since, and will never forget the Paramahansa’s extraordinary gift and introduction to a new life through yoga. – Anna R.

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