In 1984 I Had Never Heard of Paramahansa Yogananda.

In 1984 I had never heard of Paramahansa Yogananda. 

I was raised in the Baptist church and was even President of the Youth when I was seventeen years old. In 1984 I was traveling with my cousin, a TulaneUniversity graduate in Philosophy, and it was going to be a long trip. We stopped and he bought me Autobiography of a Yogi. What a revelation I had while reading this wonderful book. Yogananda answered every question I ever had about religion, beliefs and what life really is. I was astounded and inspired. I continued reading all of Yogananda’s books and do to this day. I have studied Self-Realization Fellowship lessons and hope to advance my level to the point I can ask for initiation into Kriya Yoga at some point. I love the teachings and relish the Second Coming and its profound message. AWKAE, the movie, is well done and I have led many to watch it, even though they have not read the books. I am blessed by Paramahansa and consider finding him one of the greatest moments in my life. – Frederick B.

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