International Day of Peace

photo-1468818519844-64bc429824de.jpgOn this International Day of Peace, we would like to share these words from Paramahansa Yogananda, and recommend that you meditate on them throughout the day:

“My kingdom of love shall expand. I have loved my body more than anything else. That is why I am identified with and limited by it. With the love that I have given to the body, I will love all those who love me. With the expanded love of those who love me, I will love those who are mine. With the love for myself and the love for my own, I will love those who are strangers. I will use all my love to love those who do not love me, as well as those who love me. I will bathe all souls in my unselfish love. In the sea of my love, my family members, my countrymen, all nations, and all beings will swim. All creation, all the myriads of tiny living things, will dance on the waves of my love.”- from Metaphysical Meditations

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