International Day of Yoga 2016


In celebration of the Second Annual International Day of Yoga, we would like to encourage all aspiring and seasoned yogis to spend 

at least 15 minutes in yoga meditation this morning and again this evening, and perhaps turn today’s experience into an everyday 


Among the guidelines that Paramahansa Yogananda offered to begin a meditation practice are to:  select a quiet peaceful place where one can be secluded and undisturbed during meditation; sit in the correct posture with spine erect, sitting either on a straight chair or cross-legged on a firm surface, stilling the mind and body; close the eyes with the gaze lifted to the point between the eyebrows, the spiritual eye of divine perception; and to silently chant or mentally pray to the Divine.


Following is a meditation from Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Metaphysical Meditations to inspire you during your practice of meditation. 

Meditate on God’s Light

by Paramahansa Yogananda


Look at a light and close your eyes. Forget the darkness around you and watch the bright red color within your eyelids. Look intently into that violet-red color. Meditate on it and imagine that it is becoming bigger and bigger. Behold around you a dimly shining sea of violet light. You are a wave of light, a ripple of peace floating on the surface of the sea.

Now watch carefully. You, the little wave, are tossing on an ocean of light. Your tiny life is a part of the all-pervading Life. As your meditation deepens, you, a little shallow wave of peace, are becoming the deep, wide ocean of peace.

Meditate on the thought, “I am a wave of peace.” Feel the vastness just beneath your consciousness. The wave should feel the sustaining life of the vast ocean beneath it.

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  • kenkhoi14
    commented 2020-04-26 00:45:42 -0700
    I do not know what to say really what you share very well and useful to the community, I feel that it makes our community much more developed, thanks
  • Anonymous
    commented 2018-12-10 19:40:12 -0800
    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.
  • TopTadeFairs
    commented 2018-09-21 13:26:10 -0700
    International Day of Yoga, or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in India.
    Date: June 21, 2019
  • chris john
    commented 2018-08-09 04:44:09 -0700
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  • Nishaat Anum
    commented 2016-07-24 04:27:03 -0700
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  • Eileen Fleming
    commented 2016-06-21 08:57:35 -0700
    In his chapter on The Beatitudes/Sermon on the Mount from “The Yoga of Jesus” Yoganananda writes:

    “Peace is the first manifestation of God’s response in meditation. Those who know God as Peace in the inner temple of silence, and who worship that peace-God therein, are by this relationship of divine communion His true children…

    “Anyone who brings peace to an inharmonious family has established God there. Anyone who removes the misunderstanding between souls has united them in God’s peace. Anyone who, forsaking national greed and selfishness, works to create amidst warring nations is establishing God in the heart of those nations…

    “No matter what one’s nationality or the color of his body, all of God’s children are souls. The Father recognizes no manmade designations; He loves all and His children must learn to live in that same consciousness…

    “So we, being made in his image, must also behave like gods and conquer hearts with the power of love, or humanity, as we know it will surely perish. Man’s power to make war is increasing; so must his ability to make peace…

    “Anyone who stirs up strife among brother nations under the guise of patriotism is a traitor to his divine family-a faithless child of God…

    “The true Christ-method of living can banish human conflicts and the horror of war and bring about peace and understanding on earth; all prejudices and enmities must fall away. That is the challenge placed before those who would be peacemakers of God.”

    Godspeed on that challenge to bring in the change!
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