Kimberly Snyder on Inner Beauty and Well Being

The moment renowned nutritionist Kimberly Snyder read the Autobiography of a Yogi, something sparked inside of her, a spark that would lead her to inspire hundreds of thousands of people around the world to bring beauty into their lives from the inside out.

"Before and during college and for some time afterward, though I put up a good front, deep down I was actually totally confused to my purpose and direction. I tried to find a sense of belonging through constantly going to parties...periods of regularly consuming vodka and beer..."

"...but a shift happened, gradually. I read the books Scientific Healing Affirmations and Autobiography of a Yogi, both by Paramahansa Yogananda., and they changed the direction of my life. I was inspired to seek the inner joy that Yogananda spoke of, the joy that was possible from spending time being still and meditating."

IMG_7669.JPGKimberly Snyder, C.N. is a certified nutritionist and recurring health expert on the Today show and The Dr. Oz Show, and the New York Times best-selling author of The Beauty Detox SolutionThe Beauty Detox Foods and the just released The Beauty Detox Power (2015). 

Kimberly's effective holistic and spiritual approach has made her 
the go-to-nutritionist for many of the entertainment industry top 

A yogini herself, Kimberly maintains that her philosophies work because they are based on aligning soul and body. She explores this alignment deeply and personally in her latest book, The Beauty Detox Power

A huge thanks to Kimberly Snyder for letting us feature a few quotes from her book below:



"Separation creates suffering. Separation also creates struggle. When you refrain from nourishing yourself on a whole level, this separatism cuts you off from your creative potential to manifest the body you want. Later we will discuss specific ways to embrace your unity. For now, focus on internalizing the idea that you are whole. You are truly complete. And you are perfect just as you are. It's exciting, and it may be hard to believe or take in (what are you saying to yourself right now?) but it is the truth. To realize this, you just have to tap into your power. Keep reading, Beauty, and you will learn to do just that."


 "You realize that all along there was something tremendous within you,

and you did not know it." 

-Paramahansa Yogananda (Quote featured on Page 1 of The Beauty Detox Power)


"...a "harmful thought", such as "I'm fat", may start out with very little energy (which is equivalent to very little mass) but when this thought is repeated, it takes on more emotion, imagery and other connections, and so more energy (which is equivalent to more mass) gathers around this thought, almost like a snowball rolling downhill.

When you want to protect yourself from fear, insecurity, uncertainty, imbalance, hurt or abuse, or create more boundaries around you to feel protected or "insulated" from something, fat can appear as the physical manifestation of the protection you are seeking."

"Take a moment now to pause, especially if you are chronically heavier than you'd like to be or if your weight tends to fluctuate. Sit quietly and ask yourself what in your life you may be subconsciously trying to protect yourself from. Is there someone or something you are harboring anger or resentment toward? Or are you holding on to anger or regret from a past situation?"


"Be strong, unafraid of anything, always doing what is right. And remember, the company you keep determines the moods and habits you develop. Therefore always choose your company wisely" 

-Paramahansa Yogananda (Quote featured on Page 197 of The Beauty Detox Power)



"When you take a pause, you start to shift your awareness away from your outer body. You grow aware of your consciousness and become anchored in the present moment. Let's practice tapping into your aliveness, your awareness of being, right in this moment. "

"When you make contact with your energy of aliveness, you are beginning to tap into your tremendous, unlimited power. When you become connected to this power, you will be able to create the body (and the life) that you want. Its time to start living your journey to true power."




"True power originates from within you, while ego involves clinging to outward labels (such as fat, skinny, pretty or old). True power and ego cannot coexist. If you live from your ego, which is the opposite of true power, you will be forever limited and it will make losing weight and feeling joyful a struggle. The ego creates habits and patterns that are rooted in fear. But as you take away those limitations and abandon ego, the struggles dissolve and your true power comes forth."

"Ego-based labels will never be able to describe you adequately, and the limitations they impose will create a constant struggle and unhappiness in your life. As Paramahansa Yogananda states, "Unless a wave dissolves itself and becomes one with the ocean, it remains inordinately limited." 

"Yogananda goes on to state, "When the soul is identified with Spirit, it feels itself as one with the joy of limitless space... The soul, identified with the body, loses its consciousness of omnipresence and becomes identified with the trials and misfortunes of a small ego."


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