Lessons learned from Sarasota

1) Meet or call Theater Mgr to get help, suggestions, etc.

2) Do NOT rely on Theater to handle the master list or tickets.

3) Get a master list of all ticket purchases printed. Take many copies to theater with you.

4) Enlist help - we had 2 theaters and four people working the line which stretched out the door. Theater staff DID NOT do ticket taking

5) If you are showing in multiple theaters, find out from theater mgr which theaters you're showing in. Then you can direct people to proper theater screening. Example: 9056 was theater 4, 9234 was theater 10.

6) Be prepared for the unexpected - a group leader showed me her email confirmation for 12 tickets but they never showed up on our list. Because of the relationship established in #1 above (meet theater mgr) we learned the theater actually held 20 more seats than shown - we were able to seat them.

7) GO EARLY for your showing - guests will show up 2 hours early as they did for ours. Why? It became a social event for our spiritual community.

8) Get several photographer friends to take photos - you will be too busy or your camera will break as mine did.

9) Set up your microphone/boom box (if you're addressing the audience before the start of the film) - Our theater mgr worked with us on two showings - delaying the second so I could intro the first, run to the second, intro and sit down.

10) RESERVE your seat or you won't have one. Get theater mgr to put a reserve sign on your seat. Ours volunteered this for us.

11) Get wheelchairs lined up with theater in case you have folks who need them

12) PARKING - if you're in a facility that requires paid parking, arrange to have free parking with theater if the ticket
is shown. We did that.

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