Living in Queens, New York...

Living in Queens, New York in my late teens (circa early 1960’s) the book Autobiography of a Yogi was one of the first non-Christian teachings I ever read. 

While reading and loving the book, I kept saying “This can’t be true” but then I would add, “But I believe the person writing it is telling the truth. I just know he’s not making this up.” Finally I asked myself, “How can both of these statements be true?” Even today it still amazes me that I came to the conclusion that the author was telling the truth and that some of the important things I believed about the reality of the world were not true! When I finished the book, I turned to the first page and read it again. Of course, it changed my life, as after that experience, I began to read everything I could about ‘mystical’ philosophy and thought whether it contradicted western scientific thinking or not. Yogananda’s teaching opened my mind from its confined western thinking to the broader scope of unconfined truth. For me, there is no greater gift to receive. – Kay C.

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