My Friend Gave Me a Copy...

My friend gave me a copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi in 2008. It sat on my shelf for two years, untouched. 

In 2010 I felt an emptiness and a lack of drive, questioning the purpose of life. Standing in line a grocery store, I picked up a copy of YOGA magazine. In the back section, with all of the smaller ads, was an even smaller one offering a free Yoga course in Hawaii. I emailed the creator, curious about this retreat. He explained the premise and said that the only requirement for attendance was that I had to read the Autobiography of a Yogi and to write questions for each chapter. I picked the book up off my shelf and devoured it. It changed my perception of the world one page at a time and by the by the end of the book, while reading the chapter about “Encinitas”, I started to weep. I was living on Third Street in Encinitas at the time, about 100 feet from where Paramahansa Yogananda wrote this famed book. I felt like someone was reaching out to me with a warm, loving hug, telling me that everything was going to be OK and that I had found my path. I walked across the street, one block to the temple and have been going every since. This book helped me to find truth in this life, providing purpose and happiness that I had never known. – Kali. S.

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