My Story Began Many Years Ago...

My story began many years ago at the Santa Monica, CA public library. 

I had separated from my husband, had a persistent knot in my stomach, and was feeling lonely. I had gone to the library to find something to read to pass the time. Having nothing specific in mind, I found myself at once in the “Y” section of the card catalog (not consciously choosing to go there), and saw the name, “Yogananda, Paramahansa, Autobiography of a Yogi.” I had no particular or compelling thought about it, but checked the book out anyway. I began to read it immediately and, having always lived in a somewhat plastic world, I doubted some of what I was reading, however, I couldn’t stop reading it and found I didn’t want it to end, as though it were a lifeline I had to hold onto. Having read about Lake Shrine in the book, which was only a few miles from my home, and knowing instinctively I needed to somehow get the lessons spoken of in the book, I immediately went to Lake Shrine, asked for an application and applied for the Lessons. The day I found the AY is the day my life changed completely, and I am happy to say I have been a member of the Master’s church for 43 years and looking forward to many more years with my guru. – Adele S.

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