On Receiving My First SRF Meditation Lessons...

On receiving my first [SRF] meditation lessons, a quotation was printed at the top of the welcoming letter. It read, “Wherever a saint has been, his vibration remains there forever.” 

Walking around a gallery of black & white photographs of Yogananda’s life, I came to one of a packed auditorium, [Yogananda] standing on the apron of a stage, opera boxes festooned with patriotic bunting. My knees buckled. I instantly KNEW where that was! I had given a dance recital at 9 years old on that same stage where he had stood a quarter of a century earlier. After discovering the Autobiography of a Yogi and listening to it dozens of times, I realized that his guiding, loving, protecting energy had risen up through the soles of my tap shoes!!  Autobiography of a Yogi revealed to me the constant omnipresent guru patiently watching and beckoning to me throughout my whole life. – Stephanie H.

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