Tips on Promoting from Kate Walsh

This is incredible! Tips from the amazing Kate Walsh who is stepping in to help promote multiple AWAKE screenings, and hats off to David Hickerson who is diligently working to promote and be a great Captain!

I have contacted two yoga teachers that I know who do some yoga teacher training in that part of Illinois. They are spreading the word and have invited people from the FB event page I created. I emailed a private client in Edwardsville asking her to spread the word.

I called two other yoga teachers who teach in Illinois asking them to check the FB event page and explained how the tickets sales work.

I spent a little time Saturday evening in Edwardsville networking with some business owners, they posted flyers. I posted one in a Starbucks. David and I talked last night. I told him what I did Saturday. He told me he finally could make flyers and had plans to visit Alton, IL to take them around. I asked if he would be willing to go to SIUE campus. He said yes. He called me this afternoon and told me he went to his yoga class this morning leaving flyers, and then all the places he went: places in Edwardsville & Alton--SIUE, libraries, coffee shops another yoga studio.

I asked if there were any Indian restaurants in the area. He said yeah, he'd go there Tues. I told him he did a good job today.

I went to some St. Louis places today: three Indian restaurants, and an Indian grocery market. I went to Healing Arts Center that has school for massage therapists. I'm acquainted with the owner. I asked if they had students from IL. Yes. They will post and share info with students and on there FB page. A massage therapist there told me he is going to an art exhibit at SIUE Thursday. He knows the artist. He's taking a flyer to the exhibit.

Tomorrow I plan a stop at a community college in North St. Louis county that's on the way to Edwardsville because they might have IL students and I left a message for someone today at the college, maybe I can catch up with them.

The challenges are the time crunch and the communities around Edwardsville and if people really get how important it is to reserve the tickets NOW. Exposure at the college could bump it up. David said one person there told him today he'd buy four tickets.

I'm not one who lives in the land of magical thinking, BUT, I did have a moment today pushing positive thinking...we just need to get 10 tickets reserved everyday! Okay, I'll go bigger with manifesting 20 a day! [...]

There is a Gandhi center in West county here. Maybe I could check in with them.

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